Monday, March 22, 2010

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost Done Shopping, Can I get a "hell yea?"

As of 4:30 last night I was officially DONE with my kids (shopping that is lol).  This year I kept having 1 extra for my son...which its usually wayyyy the opposite.  So I got her 1 last gift and they are good to go!  Now I just have to get 1 more thing for daddyo and a couple more things for hubby and it's on like donkey kong :)  Whoohooo!
I got hubby a lot less this year than I normally do, but everything I got was something he actually asked for--so good enough!  Plus, he really wouldnt care if I got him nada so he will be thrilled.  

Ooh, and I have things under the tree as well, things I dont know about! Things I didn't wrap!  It is so cute too because you can tell which are from him.... the latest addition is an average sized box...with literally 1/2 a roll of paper on it... its sloppy but its mine and i love it haha (i meant the gift, although this statement would fit for hubby too) 

This weekend I think we are making batch number 2 of christmas cookies...the others were all gone before we had a chance to frost thats not good lol.....or its great depending on how you look at it! As of now, we have 1 container with 1/2 a bell cookie in it, and 4 containers of homemade colorful frosting..yea im thinking more cookies are in order!

Ny mama usually makes pizzelles to send as gifts...and the damn machine / iron thingie now we are waiting for a new one in the mail...its just not gonna happen this year i guess!  Sucky!!!  I have to say though, im proud, she only got pissy about it for that 1 day.... that would have ruined atleast a good week or 2 for!

Well, Im off to attempt to finish hubby's gifts at...dun dun duhhhh WALLY WORLD!  I fricken hate wally world....but its 10000 times better than the mall (i dont even like saying or typing that word) eeewwwwww!  If you dont have clostrophobia issues...go to a mall this time of year..,.you will!  In fact I get skeeved out every time i go matter what time of year it is.  The parking blows, the people suck, teeniboppers have taken over....and i cant find 1 dang thing... nope, not worth my time!  Oh not to mention everyone trying to sell you a phone and spray you with perfume that smells like lysol and roses..... no-fricken-thanks!  lll stick with the wally world craziness, go in, get out, come home, badabing im done lol!

If I dont write again, i wish all my followers, stoppers-by, and their famz a fantabulous christmas!

O M G Is that SANTA on my roof?  No no, its just my dad---trying to fix our chimney cap-- with a rope and a ladder....oh yes its all on video..... lol! ho ho ho

Friday, December 11, 2009

Where did time go?

Well as of Dec 5th I was officially the mother of an 11 year old...what!?!  It seems every day I wake up..and both my kids are a year older...I just don't know where the time is going!  It certainly isn't doing my laundry lol!  Next month will be my little girl's turn to amaze me..she is turning 9.........eeek!  Please remind me NOT to have any more kids around this time of year! 

  Christmas is about 2 weeks away, and I am basically D O N E shopping..I say basically because there are always more things I could buy....and probably will.  Still have a few more big boy toys to get for Hubby..he's been such a good boy this year lol.  He's easy, as long as he has a bottle of whiskey from Santa and some meat pie (delish) he's good to go.  The kid's are a little trickier, but not by much!  I think they both made out pretty good this year, considering I warned them ahead of time that I didn't know just how much I would have to devote to spoiling them.  But I did make sure that they each got a good chunk of wish list items, which is usually my main goal of the year.  Once I got them each every single thing they asked for..and ya know what?  They weren't any more excited than they were when I got them only 1 or 2 "must haves" so I decided from now on I would look at the "want" and "need" items...and tweak them with what I want to (and can afford to) get.

I am lucky, even though my son is one of those "need the best of the best" kids...neither of them are ever disappointed on Christmas, they thoroughly enjoy giving as well as getting, and just the whole Christmas experience..which is awesome!  My daughter is super easy, one of her "gotta have it" items this year was a new pair of slippers!  Yep I can totally handle that!

Well, here's to another pre-Christmas meltdown avoided...and happy kids on Christmas morning!  I can't WAIT to see what Santa has in store for us this year!!!

How cute!!  Dontchya just LOVE my faux brick wall?  I painted it all by myself! haha

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Most Fun You'll Have Today.....FREE GAME!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Winner Chosen! 8x10 Personalized Keepsake Giveaway!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping!

Is it really time already?  Normally I have a nice dent in my shopping by now, but no such luck this year!  It doesn't help that hubby decided to get bronchitis and be out of work for almost 2 weeks, bastard! (note: slight sarcasm here)  It's my own fault really, every year I seem to think there is going to be some money fairy dropping a wad of cash in my pocket....but that just isn't so, unfortunatly! So now I am off to start 1 of possibly many stressed out shopping trips!  I actually love Christmas shopping, it just doesn't love me or my dismal checkbook.  I think as a mother I will feel guilty either way....I buy too much==I am spoiling the and defeating the purpose of Christmas....I buy too little ==I am irresposible because i should have planned my finances better to give them the BEST.  Eh I cant win either way, so Ill just enjoy the time today with my mom, grab some coffee and breakfast and feel accomplished for gettting SOME shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving!  That's something to be proud of right?

Oh...forgot to mention...all the birthdays!  My son the first week and my dad right before christmas in Dec.  My daughter, my 2 neices and 1 of my nephews in Jan!  Is that even LEGAL!?!!?!?  And right next to eachother too!  Nephew Jan 5th Neice Jan 6th  Daughter Jan 13 Neice Jan 14  WHAT!  I swear these kid's are going to drive me up a wall!  But every year we manage to pull it off somehow, and every year around this time I start to FREAK you would think I'd be used to it lol!

Oh well, enough procrastinating, time to go on the first Christmas shopping trip of the year!  Thank God 105.7 is has been playing Christmas tunes since nov may get me in the mood lol!  And i will deny saying this, but I wish it was makes the whole experience more fun!  Ok ok I'm going...for real this time!

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