Monday, March 22, 2010

WOW! Save $1,000 at the supermarket!

$1000 in Supermarket Coupons

$1000 Supermarket coupons valid at any supermarket.

Imagine, you purchase a certificate for just $5 that is GUARANTEED to save you
$1000 on the groceries of your choice!

Have you ever been in line at your supermarket and a customer in front of you had a coupon for every item in their shopping cart? That customer was using this program. Why is it that less than 1% of American families know about this offer, yet 90% of all households use grocery coupons? Everyone thinks that local newspapers are the only source of grocery coupons.

The truth is, local papers contain less than 10% of the coupons available from the manufacturers on brand name grocery products.

You will receive 100, $10 vouchers to redeem for coupons at the local supermarkets.
YOU choose the items you want to buy!

These will not be obscure items, but name brand items of your choosing!


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