Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost Done Shopping, Can I get a "hell yea?"

As of 4:30 last night I was officially DONE with my kids (shopping that is lol).  This year I kept having 1 extra for my son...which its usually wayyyy the opposite.  So I got her 1 last gift and they are good to go!  Now I just have to get 1 more thing for daddyo and a couple more things for hubby and it's on like donkey kong :)  Whoohooo!
I got hubby a lot less this year than I normally do, but everything I got was something he actually asked for--so good enough!  Plus, he really wouldnt care if I got him nada so he will be thrilled.  

Ooh, and I have things under the tree as well, things I dont know about! Things I didn't wrap!  It is so cute too because you can tell which are from him.... the latest addition is an average sized box...with literally 1/2 a roll of paper on it... its sloppy but its mine and i love it haha (i meant the gift, although this statement would fit for hubby too) 

This weekend I think we are making batch number 2 of christmas cookies...the others were all gone before we had a chance to frost thats not good lol.....or its great depending on how you look at it! As of now, we have 1 container with 1/2 a bell cookie in it, and 4 containers of homemade colorful frosting..yea im thinking more cookies are in order!

Ny mama usually makes pizzelles to send as gifts...and the damn machine / iron thingie now we are waiting for a new one in the mail...its just not gonna happen this year i guess!  Sucky!!!  I have to say though, im proud, she only got pissy about it for that 1 day.... that would have ruined atleast a good week or 2 for!

Well, Im off to attempt to finish hubby's gifts at...dun dun duhhhh WALLY WORLD!  I fricken hate wally world....but its 10000 times better than the mall (i dont even like saying or typing that word) eeewwwwww!  If you dont have clostrophobia issues...go to a mall this time of year..,.you will!  In fact I get skeeved out every time i go matter what time of year it is.  The parking blows, the people suck, teeniboppers have taken over....and i cant find 1 dang thing... nope, not worth my time!  Oh not to mention everyone trying to sell you a phone and spray you with perfume that smells like lysol and roses..... no-fricken-thanks!  lll stick with the wally world craziness, go in, get out, come home, badabing im done lol!

If I dont write again, i wish all my followers, stoppers-by, and their famz a fantabulous christmas!

O M G Is that SANTA on my roof?  No no, its just my dad---trying to fix our chimney cap-- with a rope and a ladder....oh yes its all on video..... lol! ho ho ho


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

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Anonymous said...

...hmmm I don't COULD be Santa :)
Congrats on finishing on time. I still have one to buy tomorrow morning for a last minute brunch tomorrow afternoon. YIKES!

Have a happy and healthy New Year!

Stefanie from

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Olah Momma! said...

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