Saturday, November 14, 2009

S Muse Designs---Our Business

Hello all!
I suppose it's about time that I start this bog?  My name is Jennifer, Sharon (my sister) and I started S Muse Designs for a few reasons.  I would say the #1 reason would be her dislike of the 9-5 world and my boredom since my children are in school lol!  We also wanted to create something that could be appreciated by many types of people and considering everyone has a name---I think we found our niche!  With all the spelling variations and unique names people have these days--it is getting harder to find personalized items.  
Our products allow anyone to find their own name...displayed beautifully!

Shameless Self Promotion !  Here's our website! S Muse Designs

  What we do is create hand painted name keepsakes, which at this point in time consist of 8x10 & 11x14 framed wall art, bookmarks, note cards, and some decorated boxes.  The decorative letter(s) have a 3D embossed look to them when finished.  We will be adding more items in the near future though!  Currently we are working on some journals and adorable monogrammed teddy keep checking back!

Here to the left is a sampling of our Victorian floral lettering.  We made these adorable 8x10 name keepsakes for my daughter's friend's b-day.  The "E" box is a sample, the finished product will be slightly different and will include the printed name as well.

Below is a sample of our rustic forest lettering, this is my favorite because it has adorable woodland creatures hiding throughout the letters, too cute!


Momma Snail said...

I LOVE the rustic forest! Your blog header is so beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your creativity.

S Muse Designs said...

Thanks so much Momma Snail! I am trying so hard not to have "blogger add" lol! Theres just so much i want to say! :)

Theo said...

Your blog is beautiful!!!! I was busy admiring it and almost forgot to leave a comment(LOL).

S Muse Designs said...

hehe thanks!!! I found the layout, wish i could take credit for it! there's a credit box in the bottom right corner :) I just hope my "random goodness" doesn't bore the socks of everyone LOL!

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